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Your Lost Android Phone Can Now Call You

Your Lost Android Phone Can Now Call You

Your Lost Android Phone Can Now Call You

Did you know that Your Lost Android Phone Can Now Call You? I know your answer will be “no”.  Most of Android users don’t know that Android has built in feature to locating or tracking lost android phone. Previously, Google did’t advertised this feature effectively, but now in 4.4 Kitkat it is added and advertised also.

Here is the good news for users of older versions of android (less than 4.4 kitkat), but you have to download and install an application to use this feature. Click here to download the application from Google Play.

Today that feature gets even better, here is a thing to note that if someone finds your Android phone, he can not call anyone else except you. A lock screen will be on display that lets your lost Android Phone call you with a single tab of finder.


Install the application, open it and set the password, enter a recovery message like “Hi, i am lost, please call my owner by pressing call button” and your recovery cell phone number. A snapshot of these settings are given for further help.

Setting up for recovery of lost Android phone

Setting up for recovery of lost Android phone

When a phone number is added, finder can only use your Android phone if he has the password and he entered it successfully. Otherwise, he can only press the big onscreen call button to call the number you entered into Android Device Manager. All other features are in background of the lock screen, same as ordinary lock screen. Once they call you by pressing the call button on that lock screen, you can then politely thank them for informing you after finding your phone, and set up a way for them to return it to you.

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